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The increasing popularity of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other nutritional supplements is a well-established fact. Today, when pharmacies and stores offer a large variety of items, the emphasis should be put on quality.

 Puremedix provides you with the high quality products of the best USA manufacturers at competitive prices.

Special attention is given to the consumers with special needs. Most of the products are hypoallergenic. They do not contain gluten, casein, preservatives and dangerous sugar substitutes.

We offer high quality of nutritional supplements in other categories, including a selection of items for intense muscular effort. Sportsmen, body builders, sports medicine practitioners will be offered a large variety of high quality allergen-free items that will contribute to maximal performance without health damages.

Anti-aging therapy is becoming more and more popular. Products that slow and reverse human aging and let us live a healthier, longer and more youthful life are produced by the best US manufacturers and are widely recognized and used by everyone, from doctors to TV starts. These products make you look younger, feel fantastic and be physically fit.

Weight loss is just one more area where the nutritional supplements are widely used. Obesity is the global problem that affects our health and quality of life causing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We offer featured fat loss products for the improvement of metabolism and digestion processes.

In addition, we offer the newest products
used for the prevention of chronic diseases.

Dr. T Kommissarchik ( MD) work wih us for consalting.


Your orders will be shipped from
our logistic center located in Omaha, Nebraska, the USA. The center works in close cooperation with both the manufacturers and the express postal carriers that enables us to deliver your orders and to complete all custom procedures in your country as fat as possible. The products will not be stored at the importers' warehouses and will be delivered to the consumers directly from the production lines.  


Our online support service is available via service chat online, e-mail or by telephone.


See Contact us for more details.


We are always at your service. - take care of your health! 

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