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Karuna products reflect our commitment to providing you with herbal and nutritional supplements free of preservatives, excipients or other additives problematic for the allergic or sensitive patient. Tablets and capsules contain no sugars, artificial flavorings or preservatives. Our search for the finest natural ingredients extends across six continents, and organic sources provide an increasingly larger percentage of our ingredient choices.

As you work to provide optimal benefit for your patients, Karuna is grateful for the opportunity to support your efforts with superior natural formulations backed by exceptional Customer service, product literature and technical support.
The Meaning of Karuna

Karuna is a word from Sanskrit, the world's oldest written language. It means "the embodiment of compassionate activity," and the symbol in our logo is Sanskrit for "KA." Our name remains an inspiration and a vital reminder of our corporate mission.

Cognitive Support (12)
GI Support (13)
Herbal Extracts (9)
Joint/Connective Tissue (13)
Minerals (12)
Multiples (11)
Vitamins (7)

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